Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Technology & Change: From Kodachrome to Twitter

There are two articles of note in today's New York Times.  While at first glance, these articles seem to be completely unrelated, they are intricately connected.  Keep reading...

In the first article -- For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas, you'll read about how the last photo lab to develop Kodachrome film is about to close.   How can that be?  I think I still have a roll of film in the back of my top drawer that I was hoping to develop someday.  Think about that:  in a very short period of time, digital cameras have so dominated the market that Kodak has stopped producing the chemicals needed to process the film.  Certainly this marks the end of an era for those of us raised on Kodachrome color film.  

The second article -- For Some Travelers Stranded in Airports, Relief is in 140 Characters -- relates how those air travelers who used Twitter to rebook cancelled flights had a much higher likelihood of getting new reservations successfully.  For people who tried to reach the help desk by phone, it took 2 days.  Calling is old-fashioned.

Just think about the speed of change that technology brings, and the demand for us to adapt quickly.  Out with Kodachrome and in with Twitter!

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