Friday, January 1, 2010

Andre Agassi and You...

Happy New Year!

Today I want to talk about Andre Agassi. He's just written a new book, his autobiography, entitled -- OPEN.: An Autobiography. My sister gave it to me for Christmas.

You've probably heard about the book. The media focused on two parts: 1) he wore a wig during the French Open and 2) he did crystal meth. While both of those things are true, according to what's written, this sensational reporting misses the point. The book is about so much more...It's about Andre's struggle with himself, on and off the court, through his relationship with his father and his brother, his first wife Brooke Shields and his current wife Steffi Graf, his coach Nick Bollettieri and forever trainer and friend, Gil Reyes, all in an attempt to become who he is, to be true to himself.

I've always loved Andre Agassi. Not for his flamboyant style, not for his individual brand of tennis, nor for his unique, pigeon-toed walk, but because...

Andre Agassi aspires to be true to himself. And, that inspires me to be who I am. Stripped down and no pretense. Just me.

That's what I wish for you this 2010. To be true to yourself. To just be you. To exercise who you are in the world, not in relation to others, but in relation to yourself, to that inner voice that you hear when everything and everyone else is silent. To walk to the beat of your own drummer. To live from the soul. To

Some people may say to be self-actualized is a selfish pursuit, but I say no. Because when you have gotten yourself right, you have more to give to others. Think of what Andre Agassi has given to the world of tennis, how he shaped the tennis world, through his unique brand of playing, his clothes, his look, not through any specific intention to do so, but simply as a result of being authentically himself. Think of how much he has contributed to the world of education with his charter school and through other charitable contributions.

How much can you shape the world just by

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